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Bendy is an newcomer in Super Smash Bros. For Nintendo Switch.


Bendy is a cartoon character created by Joey Drew Studios as their mascot in the very late 1920s. He is as well the titular character of the Bendy franchise, being its namesake. The studio's flagship character, Bendy starred in a series of cartoons thirty years prior to the events of the first game, often alongside the studio's other characters such as Boris the Wolf and Alice Angel. Bendy is also hired in Briar Label Bacon Soup products as an endorsing spokestoon.

Bendy was created in 1929 by Henry Stein, but the record book of Joey Drew Studios states that Joey Drew was the person who created him.

Bendy is a cartoon demon-like imp character with his appearance entirely colored in black apart from his face, which is white in color. He wears shiny black shoes, a white bowtie, and a pair of gloves that closely resemble those of other cartoon characters like Mickey Mouse, each possessing two black buttons. The shape of his head resembles cartoonish horns that always remain facing the viewer no matter which way Bendy is facing. Because he lacks a neck, his head floats a few millimetres away from his body.

Bendy has a most notable wide, toothy grin, showing eight teeth when he's grinning fully. His alleged "invisible eyebrows" from above his large pie eyes can even move when expressing his emotions. In terms of his height, Bendy appears to be short, being easily towered over by Boris.

Bendy is a borderline troublemaker, but rather impatient and easily startled or timid, yet justifiably cheerful, fun-loving, and mischievous as his devilish nature would imply. Bendy often refuses to pay for anything he buys, as he tries to take his burger without paying Charley in "Tasty Trio Troubles" and didn't pay Gaskette for his ride according to the latter's bio image. According to Joey Drew Studios Employee Handbook, while Bendy can be playful he is not evil and his jokes are never mean-spirited. Bendy is also attention-seeking and easily distracted; he is never hardworking or courageous.


Regular Attacks

  • Three hit jab- The first hit is a normal horizontal punch as the second jab lets him spawn a gent pipe and swing it the opposite way which is followed by Bendy swinging it down at his foes
  • Rapid jab- Bendy will transform the gent pipe into a Tommy Gun and start firing ink
  • Dash Attack- Bendy will throw his leg backwards before kicking a ink ball that has separated from his foot which will disappear as it hits someone or something
  • Side Tilt- Bendy spawns a wrench into his hand and then smack it down at his opponent
  • Up Tilt- Bendy's head morphs into a target to hit his foes up
  • Down Tilt- Bendy will throw a syringe down, making him fall so far down that he'll melt part of his body down for better range
  • Side Smash- Bendy will summon a scythe and swing it at his foes which does a large amount of damage
  • Up Smash- Bendy his arm to the ground into the ground and cause a gigantic fist to appear and punch his foes into the air
  • Down Smash- Bendy summons two axes into his hands and then throw them down both at the same time while not only hitting his foes but smashing the ground
  • Neutral Air- Bendy shape shifts into a small ferris wheel and spin towards his opponents which will create multiple hits of damage
  • Forward Air- Bendy will smack a mallet down at his opponents
  • Back Air- Bendy will take off his hand and smack his opponents sidewards
  • Up Air- Bendy spawns an umbrella and stabs it up and then open it as if he's using it for a slow descent since he'll be up in the air
  • Down Air- Bendy will drop an anvil below himself at his foes


  • Bendy will grab onto his foes with a plunger and then start kicking them
  • Forward throw- Bendy will turn his foe into an ink ball while spawning stacked up bottles and throw the foe at the bottle which will knock over, causing damage towards his foe when they hit the bottles
  • Back Throw- Bendy turns his body into a spinning carnival ride and spin his foes around and since there's only two seats, the third opponent will only get punched back
  • Up Throw- Bendy spawns a mallet in one of his hand as a high striker mini game appears under the foes as Bendy smashes the ramp with mallet as his opponents get hit so high that they hit the bell which then falls down and nearby foes can also take damage for being too close
  • Down Throw- Bendy will drop a crate down onto his foe and other foes can be damaged if under the crate as well

Special Attacks

  • Neutral Special- Bendy can pull out a can of Bacon Soup which can be thrown at a foe, causing massive damage
  • Side Special- Bendy will pull out a hose from his body and spray ink towards his foes
  • Up Special- Bendy can turn into a puddle of ink and then reform in a new spot according to his range which can attack nearby foes
  • Down Special- Bendy will slide forwards which will do damage against his opponents as while leaving a trail if this attack is used on the ground but it only lasts for 15 seconds and a searcher who will attack Bendy's foes after being created from the ink

Final Smash

Bendy will transform into Beast Bendy and then charge at his foes at super speed, giving Bendy's foes a massive amount of damage and will turn back to his cartoon appearance after five seconds

Colour Appearances

  • Normal
    • Black and White
  • Alternatives
    • Cyan and White
    • Pink and White
    • Green and White
    • Blue and White
    • Red and White
    • Yellow and White

On-Screen Appearance

A large blob of ink falls down from the sky as Bendy forms out of it and then take a bow


  • Bendy spawns a ball to balance on while juggling some torches until he fails and falls down
  • Bendy will grab a can of Bacon Soup and chug it down
  • Bendy will pull of a seeing glass as he looks through it and then turn and look through it towards the screen as it shows the face of Ink Bendy



  • The song from the Bendy cartoons play while he does his poses


  • Bendy takes a bow until his body begins to melt as the End screen from the Bendy cartoons appears on the screen
  • The area is surrounded by multiple cardboard cutouts of Bendy while the camera zooms in one of them as the real Bendy pops out from behind while doing a goofy and childish scare
  • The whole area is covered in darkness as a shadow of Ink Bendy walks from off-screen but then it'll show the cartoon Bendy on the screen

How to unlock Bendy

  • Complete Mr.Game and Watch's Classic Mode.


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